Welcome to Hamlet.Center

..devoted to the spiritual-scientific realities RosiCrucian Shakespeare depicted in his masterpiece.

Those familiar know the play can only be understood via Initiation science:
It primarily depicts processes of spiritual initiation,

e.g: learning to comprehend what Buddha learned to know:

All Is One..

growing into living lovingly best one can. (John 15:9 ff)

It is no accident Shakespeare chose play-acting to convey his profound discoveries and wisdom:

The play needs to be experienced as lively as possible to behold and
hopefully eventually embrace all the inspiring, life-engendering, most profound truths it portrays.

Hence, this site makes no attempt to elucidate nor otherwise mention the play’s occult realities
discernible and comprehensible only to those sufficiently familiar with supersensible initiation:

Living and knowing become one to those who learn the Way (e.g: John 8:32).

Experiencing the play performed fully and genuinely, however,
provides rich nourishment for the seeds of eternal truth and life nascent in every human being.

Hamlet nourishing the core of one’s being keeps it the most popular play worldwide, even in its fifth century.

Many searching for better understanding, fuller concepts to guide exploring the Way(s)
find much help in the works of Rudolf Steiner.

This site just strives primarily to make available a version of the play true to the occult (little-known) realities it depicts.


Script plus Timelines

The script files include spiritual-scientifically correct choices among available versions,
plus numerous explanatory comments on Shakespeare’s imaginative depictions of supersensible realities.

Geographic Wonders of Hamlet’s Home

including links to additional treasures

Rosencrantz (Rose Cross*) Family Coat of Arms

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are fellow students with Hamlet at Wittenberg University.

Rosencrantz is a Danish name first recorded in the 14th century.

Note the crown of roses atop the helmet:
flowers are very unusual if not unique in such contexts.

The helmet plus vertical feather centered above it indicate the cross upright, also presumably bearing the shield..
the horizontal axis is indicated by leaves behind the helmet concealing the cross beam.

*living under the threat of burning at the stake for heresy, Rosicrucians were forced to camouflage the reference to Christianity.