updated 20 June’16

Timelines provide historical contexts and events
crucial to fully appreciating and comprehending the play.

Script Project


Status: Although the entire script has now been edited and extensively discussed with colleagues,
their many valuable observations plus additional references all need incorporation..
plus unforeseen software limitations prevent estimating when this work might become available online.

Hundreds of lines with esoteric and other significances are highlighted via colored text.
Numerous comments note meanings and allusions rarely to never noticed before.
The great majority of these most significant lines are listed in the searchable clues database nearing completion.

Although recent scholarship indicates the so-called bad quarto, Q1, is a bona fide early version,
this script is almost entirely the much longer Q2* (rarely F1; plus some Q3/4 and many modern spellings).

*Q1 in a couple cases

Wikipedia hosts a succinct overview of the differences among the several editions.
The Riverside Shakespeare’s comments and comprehensive notes on the text proved invaluable.
Online facsimiles of the original editions were also examined extensively.

published years after the bard’s life

Photos of the To Be soliloquy in Q2 and F1 (plus Q1) are here,
along with links to high-quality photos of the entire play online, both versions.

(Scene settings were absent from early editions until added after Shakespeare’s life:
Those herein respect the esoteric realities the play depicts.)

Title page

including guide to text markings and Dramatis Personae

“pdf” files lack page breaks;*  “print” files have letter-size pages
*both file types have line numbers
pdf’s have light rose-colored background
Act, scene pdf print updated