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  NASA Reports Sun Realities Astrophysicists Can’t Explain

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Voyager Discovers Solar Wind Cessation:

Defies Newton’s Laws of Motion

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NASA reports a number of Sun realities astrophysicists are unable to explain, including:

Unknown Source of Intense Heat in the Sun’s Atmosphere (Corona):

The Sun’s unimaginably intense heat is believed to originate from nuclear fusion in its core..

But the Sun’s “surface” is up to 2,000 times cooler than the vast flames shooting out above it, forming the corona extending far into space above the “surface.”

As this article discusses, astrophysicists have failed for over half a century to find a source of the vast heat making the corona so stupendously hot.

That’s somewhat analogous to observing flames shooting out in all directions from a ball of ice despite no apparent source of fuel to feed the flames.

But the real quandary is how the surface can be thousands of times cooler than the atmosphere surrounding it if there is supposed to be massive amounts of heat from a nuclear furnace heating the surface from below as well:

The surface of a sphere heated both from within and from a heat source surrounding it ought to be hotter than the flames surrounding it!

Since there is no known process whereby some sort of heat sink sealed inside a sphere could continually remove heat constantly radiating down onto every part of its surface, the idea of heat being generated inside the sun is even more far-fetched.

The next unexplained phenomenon also contradicts imagining a massive heat source deep inside the sun:

Solar Wind Ever Streaming Away from the Sun Moves Far Slower

than Speeds Needed to Escape the Gravity Astrophysicists’ Theory Predicts:

The theory of the Sun having an astronomically gigantic nuclear reactor at its core requires the Sun weigh astronomically massive amounts..

and thus have extremely strong gravity with an escape velocity more than fifty times that of Earth.

But most solar wind travels less than six times as fast as Earth’s escape velocity of about 25,000 mph (see next item), hence only about one-tenth as fast as the escape velocity astrophysicists predict for the Sun.

Solar wind is thus another phenomena arguing against the theory of nuclear fusion inside the Sun:

Either the Sun weighs vastly far less than astrophysicists calculate, or comprehending solar wind speed requires revising the laws of physics somehow.

(Some astronomers have devised exceedingly complex theories of magnetic field interactions accelerating solar wind, but these remain unproven at best.)

Solar Wind Cessation Voyager Detected

Contradicts Newton’s First Law of Motion

After decades flying away from the Sun and planets, solar wind instruments on the Voyager space probe detected an astounding gradual slowing (deceleration) over three years culminating in complete cessation of solar wind — a violation of Newton’s First Law stating an object continues to travel at the same speed unless acted on by another force: Space where Voyager is flying is essentially an empty vacuum, lacking any atmosphere or known force to slow solar wind down.

NASA confirmed the absence of solar wind with multiple sensors, plus by failing to detect solar wind from any direction while spinning the probe around four different times.

Also remarkable is solar wind slowed down gradually and steadily over three years, as if an unchanging level of braking was constantly being applied.

There is certainly nothing like a brake in the virtually total vacuum Voyager is racing through.

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